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Why Students Cheat for Good Grades?

Cheating in school is one of the things that did not really correspond to older educational institutions, as it would not have made sense to do so. If this goes back to the time when tutors taught people or small groups what was known about the world at that time, the goal of this process was simply to get the student to know everything that was going on. to be discussed.

I did not have to prove it to anyone officially because learning was the goal

Whoever was not interested or did not want to learn the material would simply not be educated; He would do something else. The idea of ​​spending time pretending to learn something and trying to pretend to have learned that would make absolutely no sense.

However, once schools became more formal and standardized, and more specifically mandatory, it became necessary to set up questionnaires and exams to find out whether students had actually learned what they were supposed to learn or not. The students were to be taught and evaluated in a much larger number and it became necessary, for the sake of quality control, to discover the effectiveness of the teaching methods and the difficulty of the students to acquire the necessary knowledge. I assumed it would be taught. in the classes they took.

As soon as these standards were established, employers and institutes of higher learning were eager to use the results of these tests to determine which students were best qualified to be included in their programs and institutions. It was then that the incentives to seem to know things that we really did not know started. In other words, when test scores became something that would determine whether a person went to school or if they were offered a job, people want good results, no matter the cost.

The fact that teachers have to worry about the deception of their students has no place in the early days of school, teaching, and learning, and it is unfortunate that the measures adopted avoid something important as education. This problem, However, it is still important for teachers to take steps to prevent traps from occurring, otherwise students and hardworking workers will suffer from the actions of their less reputable peers.


The student waited until the last minute to do his homework and panic, knowing that he will not have time to do it properly. As a result, he extracts an essay or document from the Internet, adds his name or uses parts and other online essays, and does his own work.

Expectations too high Last year, I had a student from a long list of writers

His father was a writer, his mother was a writer and his grandfather was a writer. She felt that her own work never lived up to the “writer’s house”. When they asked me to give a try for my class, she struggled with her own words and feelings of inadequacy and began to interpret these words with paragraphs or whole pages from respected and expert sources without attributing them.

He does not care or think that the teacher will not know

A partial team of lacrosse players has indeed declared not to think to catch them after delivering the downloaded documents on the Internet. They did not care that the work was not theirs. They did not care about being expelled from school for violating the code of honor. They just thought that the documents were easy to download, that the documents were well written and that I probably could not know ALL the documents on the Net, so I probably would not receive them.

Of course, there are more practical ways to stop cheaters. Teachers can be sure to walk around the room and pay attention to each student during a test and pay particular attention that no one should do anything they should not do. Then there is a higher-level approach, which is to try to instill in students a sense of honor and respect for themselves that prevents them from cheating in the first place. This is the best way to tackle this old problem.

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