How to write a strory? Learn top tips from a-dirty-story!

If you have a story you wish to write in your mind but you are feeling lost and have no idea where to start, here are some top tips for writing a story that will help you clarify your mind.

1: Calm your mind:

Before you start writing your story, you should clear your mind off stray thought and anxiety. If you do your work hastily, you will not be able to draw out the actual purpose of writing a story.
Writing has been a means of communication for a long time, especially if you wish to communicate with others through your mind. But if you do not have a clarity of mind, you will not be able to communicate well.

2: Tell Yourself Why You Want to Write a Story:

When you decided to write a story, what was the motivation behind it? What will you lose if you do not write this story?
When you find the answer to your motivation, write it down. And whenever you are about to give up, look at the driving force behind your ambition.

3: Sketch Out A Basic Overview of Your Story

Before you start writing your actual story, sketch out a basic plot showing the series of event that will unfold with the advancement of your story. This will help you stay on track and prevent you from getting lost while writing the story.

4: Make A Complete Profile of Each Character

Before you put the characters of your story into action, make sure you know and understand each character and their actions completely. Since you are the one who made them, it is you who knows them more than anyone else. When you understand each character, advancing the story will not be a hassle anymore.

5: Make Your Own Fictional World

The world where the story will take place is possibly not the same world where you live in. A fictional world means that anything that is not possible in this world will be possible in your fictional world. So let your imagination fly freely. Try to live in the world you made so that you can understand everything completely.

6: Love your protagonist

If you do not have a complete understanding and sympathy for your protagonist, you cannot make a streamline story. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your character will help you write a better story.

7: Focus on Quality

Instead of hastily writing a story that lacks the basic understanding for the readers and is full of errors, try to focus on the quality of story and writing. Make sure that each word you write has a meaning to it. Try to proofread what you wrote at least two or three times, if there are any errors, you can easily correct them.

8: Make a Daily Goal

Once you start writing the actual story, make a goal of a number of words you will write definitely write before taking a rest. This will prevent you from slacking and breaking your pace.

9: Make Up Great Dialogues

A story with great dialogues often becomes a hit. Devote a lot of time to the character development and their dialogues. Great dialogues make a great impression on the readers.

10: Know the Writing Rule and How to break them

A good writer is the one who knows all the rules of writings and strictly follows the rules but a great writer is the one who knows not only the rule but also how to break them. In every sort of art, a broken rule leaves a deeper impact.

11: Develop a Sense of Suspense

Suspense is the most important part of a story and if it often plays the ‘make or break’ role in a story.
If your story has a great logical suspense, it can make your work more enjoyable and loveable.

12: Game Up with Editing

When it comes to writing, editing is a really important factor. Editing gives you the chance to improve your story and writing with editing. Learn the essential hacks and tricks of editing and make your work more successful

Lastly, Enjoy Writing
The most important thing is that you should enjoy yourself while writing. Do not write with the mindset that you must do it, write while enjoying what you are doing. Writing is the expression of your mind and ideas, so express yourself and thoughts freely.

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